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Hi, I'm Ita Hughes, a rapid transformational therapist, and breathwork practitioner.
I have helped hundreds of clients dissolve some extremely difficult past beliefs about themselves so that they are now happier more confident within themselves and how they approach life.
I'm not that different from you. I have used RTT hypnotherapy and breathwork to resolve some deep-seated issues and therefore can understand your fears anxieties and emotional turmoil.

An experienced hypnotherapist in Inverness

Worried about an upcoming interview? Finding yourself overcome by anxiety or a phobia? Ita Hughes - Hypnotherapy can help you find ways to deal with the issues you're facing.

Anxiety and phobias





If you're struggling to cope with a fear or want to break a habit, hypnotherapy can provide support and help.


An experienced and helpful hypnotherapist in Inverness, here to support you with your problem.

An experienced, friendly and understanding therapist, Ita Hughes specialises in a range of techniques: 

• Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

• HND in Advanced Reflexology

• Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programmer

• Registered General Nurse with NHS experience

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